Life with Marika wasn't really the same before I married her and after I did.

We will make virtue a necessity.


I still think Hunter is a sexist.

Jean switched off the motor.

The experts have long been handling the problem.

I was pleased no end by the cordial welcome.

Any war is a conflict of interests where the most affected are the poor.

Are you a huge fan of trains?

Jeremy hailed a cruising taxi.

I wish Oscar were still alive.

It is time to go to school.

There's no student discount.

Rogue bet me fifty dollars that he could eat more hot dogs than I could.


We should read one book a month at least.

Val's busy.

Kenton pretended he didn't understand what Dwight wanted him to do.

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I forgot to explain everything to Po.

I fell asleep in class yesterday.

The notice could not be made out by the students.

Kieran wanted to wash his hands.

I used to do a lot of volunteer work.


Should we change the Australian flag?

This hat will become her.

We appreciate your promptness.

Fizzy water isn't very popular in the United States.

I had a nap for about an hour.

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The eraser on the pencil you just gave me is worn down.

The two parents are the father and the mother.

Have a taste.

I have to talk with him about the new plan.

Birds build nests.


Vince is a handsome man, apparently in his thirties.


None of us have succeeded.


That's up to Sharan.

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We hadn't so much as heard of her name.

Can you give me a lift to the train station?

This artist is soon to be famous like Yamagata.

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My mission is of critical importance.

Dan sat at the dining room table playing solitaire.

Graeme was drinking chocolate milk with a straw.

Sugih is one of the funniest and most interesting people I have ever met.

Jesus's father was very well-off.

Mental strength is crucial for success in any sports.

Wisdom and goodness to the vile seem vile.

He was afraid of his wife.

What is Lord doing?

We are all in grave danger.

Brandy overheard Tad talking about him.


The rules should be followed.


It was a silly mistake.

These problems are important to me.

The cake is tasty.

I don't mind leaving at six o'clock.

Should I ask her out?


It's just a stalking horse for raising taxes.


"What manner o' thing is your crocodile?" "It is shap'd, sir, like itself, and it is as broad as it hath breadth; it is just so high as it is, and moves with its own organs. It lives by that which nourisheth it, and the elements once out of it, it transmigrates." "What color is it of?" "Of its own color too." "'Tis a strange serpent." "'Tis so. And the tears of it are wet."

You are the star I contemplate.

In reality, translation is akin to working for peanuts, since the corresponding meaning of something in one language is often hidden in some deep and impenetrable recesses of the other. As a result, the translator is forced to search all over... Never mind that the picky reader is very difficult to fool.

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News stations use helicopters to report on traffic.


How can you tell if someone likes you?

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She is always finding fault with other people.

His parents are out of town.

Just tell Lori how you feel.

He would not give away his money for charity's sake.

Perhaps we'll meet again.

He's not eating.

You'd be a fool not to do that.

I'd like some time to talk with Irving.

Let's stand up.

I had a good time during the trip.

We have all been talking about tomorrow; now let's come down to earth and talk about today.

Myron is out.

He prefers to drink his coffee without sugar.

The two met in October in Boston.

The only thing that matters to Rajesh is how much money he makes.

She is as simple as a child.

It can't be measured in terms of money.

To begin with, the funds are not sufficient for running a grocery store.

We have not yet discussed which method is better.


There are a lot of trees around the pond.

He likes to go to the beach now and then.

Bald people leaving for San-Francisco can't put any flowers into their hair.

Is everyone busy?

Masanao pulled out a bag of candy from his pocket and offered some to Tracy.


O, how thy worth with manners may I sing, when thou art all the better part of me? What can mine own praise to mine own self bring, and what is't but mine own whe I praise thee?

In the holidays, I spent days doing nothing.

They anger us with their behavior.

He took thousands of pictures.

We must not rest on our laurels!

Can you tell me where Susanne is?

I think I might be able to find Kristin.

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That's not my call.

Gretchen had an argument with Price.

I know what makes me happy.

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He keeps company with a foreign student.

You'll have to ask Dennis that.

The company went after its No. 1 customer gripe: power outages.

They are Hungary-born.

I think Ravindranath is truthful.

Betty collapsed because of the heat.

Doctors inform us about our health.

Although Iran is nowadays known for being a stronghold of Shia Islam, most Persian Muslims were Sunni until the XVth century.

Slartibartfast enjoys being a celebrity.


Martin made some scrambled eggs.


To hurt a friend is to do what the enemy wants.


There's no place else I'd rather be.

Why don't you ever take me out to dinner?

Takeshi raised his hand to ask a question.

We have to stay healthy.

Who says money can't buy happiness?

Pia has a bookstore on Park Street.

Yvonne is supposed to know how to do that.


Tell Niels you'd like to help.

We're going to need to buy a gift for Galen.

I've looked all over but I can't find my keys anywhere.


Dust was blowing in the wind.

I switch on my laptop, start up the browser, and type in the address I've already learnt by heart.

Long live the Tatoeba Project!

Why don't you work?

I imagine he will be late for the meeting.


He's a shifty character and I don't trust him one bit.

The medicine did wonders for his health.

That guy really burns me up.

You need to get over here.

You're not very happy, are you?

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Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

Jussi was thrilled.

Half the suspects were white.

Rajesh has nothing in common with Dwight.

The main secret of thoughts is where do they come from? It is impossible to catch a thought until it comes to your mind. That's why I take my own thoughts as a gift that I'm happy to use.

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Please get me a ticket.

Alice slid down the long slide.

Try to lose weight by jogging.

When we put magnets on the pigeon's heads, what was the reaction?

You should apologize to Tracy.


Ariel told me he bought these for you.

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Steal the money.

Jorge doesn't always complain, does he?

I am running to the station.

I'd love to get something to eat with Kristin.

Jurevis is a millionaire several times over.


Valentin is a graduate student.


Religion consists in a set of things which the average man thinks he believes, and wishes he was certain.


I'm going to report you.

I think I am cold.

Drops of water glistened on the leaves of the tree after the brief downpour.

Was it something special?

The blue sky seemed to stretch forever.

Jennifer asked Lorenzo to teach him how to do the waltz.

I can let you have this for three hundred dollars.


He is chargeable with murder.


I understand.


That's not why I came here.

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Caleb looks slightly puzzled.

My boss said that he was pleased with my performance.

Haters gonna hate.

He was destined never to meet her again.

See you tonight.

I cannot help you because I don't understand Hungarian.

He likes strange animals, such as snakes.

She took full advantage of the opportunity.

Marian rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.